The years since the Wars of the Walking Dead had proved relatively peaceful, especially in the Kingdom of Loshe. Bordered by the Gap Sea to the North, the Kateri Empire to the East and the Princes of Uler to the South they enjoyed a measure of security. Climbing to the high tower of observation in the city of Tamara, the old astrologer Hadech Ben-Nar had expected nothing new to report in his journal. The autumnal equinox was at hand, the great white moon Chandra would be nearing fullness while her rival Nila would be speeding along its chaotic orbit, displaying the shifting reds of his violent face. Meanwhile the twenty year conjunction of the Blue Sisters was near at hand heralding new beginnings; a routine visit to the observatory to be sure.

As the polished lenses of the telescopy turned skyward Hadech yawned briefly and placed a wizened eye to the opening as he looked towards the 13th house in order to make some cursory notes. A cry filled the hall, a cry of surprise yes but there was also overwhelming sorrow in that strangled voice. Hadech Ben-Nar, son of Lodi Ben-Har , court astrologer, and simple man had just witnessed an event that had only been whispered about all during his long years of study. Gathering himself as best as he could the old man hurried down the long flights of stairs and with each flight his terror grew and his restraint shrank. By the time he flung open the carved doors at the base of the tower he had already been screaming for some time. “A SHADOW RISES IN THE 13TH HOUSE, A SHADOW IN THE 13TH HOUSE, O GODS SHOW MERCY…”

Aeres: A Dark House in the Heavens

Dark house02